The smart watch is becoming increasingly popular recently where a watch doesn't only serve the time but it serves much more than that. Like a smart phone, the smart watch is also becoming a tool by which one can indulge in various activities of daily life just through it. Be it surfing, or even taking calls, the smart watch is indeed becoming an essential part of modern life.

By the looks, it does seem like the smart watch is being made for young generation which is tech savvy and can use the smartwatch to its core. But that's not always the case here. Many companies nowadays manufacture elderly smartwatch which is targeted at aged people in helping them with various life chores.

The application of a smart watch is infinite. It depends upon how and where you will use it. With its potential, the smart watch is next big thing after smartphone. It gives you so many features and opportunities that no other gadget could bring so much convenience at such a small size.

Likewise, the elderly people also face much crisis in day to day life which a smartwatch can eradicate. For example, let's say there is an elderly who is having amnesia. The smart watch for elders could be programmed such a way that, it gives a beep when it is time to take the next medicine. It doesn't matter the person could remember or not, but this alert will make him take the medicine at the time.

But this is just one of the few applications that smart watches can be used for elderly people. It can serve much more than just reminding about a medicine.

Today most smart gadgets are it a smartphone or a smartwatch comes with a GPS or global positioning system. Via this technology, one can accurately pinpoint where the device might be located. Since this technology can be used for locating, the smart watch can be very helpful and can be essential for elderly people who tend to forget about whereabouts and may walk out the door anytime.

If they are wearing the smartwatch, by tracking the watch, one can have an idea about where that person can be located. With all other technologies failing, a smart watch can come to the rescue and wherever that person is, he or she can bring back home.

Thus smartwatch can make a significant impact.